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Easy Appetizers | Simple and quick appetizer snacks for any party

Appetizer Ideas

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A successful party cannot do without some tasty appetizers. That is why we help you serve the best party snacks!

Easy Appetizers

Welcome to the biggest collection of recipes for easy appetizers! When organizing a party, delicious fingerfood snacks are something you simply cannot do without. These appetizers should be easy to make for a group, simple to prepare and most of all a pleasure to see and eat. On our site you will find all kinds of free and easy appetizers, all carefully selected to make your party a big success. Simply browse our recipes by appetizer type or by ingredients. To get you started we set you off with some basic last minute ideas to surprise your guests:

Quick Recipe Ideas:

easy appetizers

Mini Sandwiches

A great idea for fun little snacks are mini sandwiches. Grab your favorite cookie cutter and use this to slice your sandwiches in fun shapes. The great thing about these mini sandwiches is that you can easily make different fillings and different shapes and mix them all up so that you can create different appetizers very easily. To make your sandwiches a little more festive use cool cupcake picks to keep the sandwiches in place.

fruit skewer bites

Skewer bites

Another great idea for a party is to make skewers. The fun thing is that you can make them with anything you want. One of our favorites are the exotic fresh fruit skewers. Simply cut the fruit in roughly the same sizes and skewer them together for healthy and easy appetizers . If it’s really last minute you can even choose to use berries that you can skewer together with toothpicks. For an extra touch you can serve them with a nice dipping sauce or cover them in melted dark chocolate.

chocolate strawberry snacks

Chocolate Strawberry Snacks

Chocolate and strawberries have always been great friends. Luckily it is very easy to prepare them and serve them to your friends. Attach your fresh strawberries to a couple long skewers and dip them in melted chocolate. You can even top them with your favorite sprinkles when the chocolate is still wet. Serve them in a tall slim glass or any other create serving dish you have laying around. A little piece of advice.. Make plenty of them, because these babies will be gone before you know it!

pizza finger food

Bite size pizza snacks

Ever made your own pizza? Try making them in mini sizes. There is just something special about bite size snacks and who wouldn’t want to eat one of these guilt-free mini pizza’s on a party. If you’re have many people over try making pizzas with different toppings and mix them all up.

  • Cocktail skewers

    Cocktail skewers are not only very handy at a party, they also make your snacks look festive. Use them for your appetizers or skewer pieces of fruit and put them in your drinks. One thing is for sure, if you use these party skewers, none of your snacks will be left untouched.

  • Paper Straws

    Paper straws are a lot more festive than your usual plastic straws. By using these straws you can give your party very easily a more elegant touch. Your drinks will look like a lot more effort has been put in them. The straws are biologically degradable and are safe to use in your drinks.

  • Giftbags

    Giving your guests some small snacks after your party is over, is a nice touch and will let your guests know you appreciated their visit. These giftbags are perfect to fill with some small take away snacks. Prepare them beforehand so you can hand them out after the party or use them as a fancy birthday treat in class.

  • Party Cutlery

    These wooden knives forks and spoons are the perfect replacement for your ordenary plastic cutlery. They give your party a friendly touch and let your appetizers look even better!


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